Northern Chapter
About Us

PAM, originally established as the Institute of Architects Malaya (IAM) in 1920 has a history of some 70 plus years. In 1948, the name was changed to the Federation of Malaya Society of Architects (FMSA). Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia – The Malaysian Institute of Architects, under the present constitution was registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 20 January 1967. Northern Chapter was established in 1973 and serves members residing in the states of Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu.

The Objects and Powers of the Institute are:

1.2.1 To promote and enlarge knowledge, study and practice of architecture and the various arts and sciences connected therewith.
1.2.2 To provide a central organisation for architecture in the form of a learned and scientific society for art and science of architecture and to provide for the definition and qualification of the profession of architecture.
1.2.3 To assist and advise Governments, local authorities, or other private or public bodies, on questions relating to the art and science of architecture, the development of property, town and country planning and built environment and the design and construction of buildings generally.
1.2.4 To promote friendly interaction and discourse amongst Architects, and to hold meetings for readings and discussions of matters relating to the art and science of architecture.
1.2.5 To regulate the promotion and conduct of architectural design and planning competitions in accordance with the conditions laid down by the institute.
1.2.6 To obtain and disseminate among the Members, information on matters affecting the profession and to compile, print , sell, lend, publish, issue or distribute the proceedings and reports of the Institute or any papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other literary undertakings or any extracts therefrom as may seem conducive to any of these objects.
1.2.7 To provide facilities interchange with other associations carrying on similar work or with Governments, local authorities, educational and scientific bodies engaged in research on matters relating to the work, theory or practice of architecture or allied subjects.
1.2.8 To arrange for alliance or affiliation with any Institution, Association or Society with similar object to those of the Institute on such terms or conditions as may be in the interests of the Institute.
1.2.9 To present generally the views of the profession and the interest of the Institute.
1.2.10 To preserve and to maintain the integrity and status of the profession; to suppress dishonourable and unprofessional conduct or practices; to lay down a Code of Professional Conduct, Conditions of Engagement and a Scale of Professional Charges which shall be binding on all Members and to regulate the practice of the profession of architecture by its Members.
1.2.11 To institute Chapters consisting of such Members as may be resident in any territory as defined from time to time in accordance with the Constitution of the Institute and to confer on such Chapters all such powers, authorities and discretion as may be thought fit.
1.2.12 To hold examinations of proficiency in the science and art of architecture and to award certificates thereof.
1.2.13 To hold exhibition of works of architectural interest and to allocate any portion of funds for this purpose.
1.2.14 To work closely with other members of the building industry for the betterment and development of the industry.
1.2.15 To originate and promote improvement in the law and regulations affecting architects, architecture and other matters connected with them.
1.2.16 To promote the appreciation, confidence and understanding of the public in the profession and architecture.
1.2.17 To establish, form and maintain libraries and collection of models, designs, drawings and other articles of interest in connection with the art and science of architecture.
1.2.18 To purchase, lease, hire or otherwise acquire suitable premises for the use of the Institute and to manage, improve and to develop and utilize any such premises and to sell, mortgage, let or dispose of the same.
1.2.19 To acquire by purchase, take or lease, gift or otherwise any real or personal property and any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the porpose of the Institute and to resell, lease or sublease, mortgage, surrender, or turn to account, or otherwise dispose of such property or any part thereof, and to erect upon such land, and building or other structure for the purpose of the Institute and to alter, add to, or maintain the same.
1.2.20 To accept donatins, legacies or loans (free of interest) to be applied to the objects of the Institute.
1.2.21 To borrow any monies required for the purpose of the Institute upon such terms and upon such security as may be determined.
1.2.22  To institute, carry or discontinue any legal proceedings in the name of the Institute or its Officers, Sevants or Members for the recovery of any debts or demands claimed by or on behalf of the Institute or for the assertion of any actual or supposed rights or privileges of the Institute or any Member thereof and to defend any legal proceedings commenced against the Institute or any Member thereof in his capacity or representing the Institute and to pay out of the funds of the Institute any costs or charges incurred in connection with such legal proceedings.
1.2.23  To invest the monies of the Institute not immediately required upon such securities or in such manner as may from time to time be determined.
1.2.24  To lend money or give financial assistance by way of donation or subscription or otherwise to any association or other body not carrying business for profit.
1.2.25  To make loans or grants of money, books, equipment or otherwise for the purpose of training candidates in the architectural profession and for the promotion of research work in relation to building science or to the art and science of architecture.
1.2.26  To devote any portion of the funds of the Institute to the establishment of of a trust fund or to the formation or endownment of scholarships or otherwise assist the architectural education students or others who may desire to qualify for the architectural education of students or others who may desire to qualify for the practice of architecture, and in connection threwith to hold lectures, classes, and examinations in the science and art of arachitecture and to award certificates of proficiency.
1.2.27  To appoint any persons to accept and hold in trust for the Institute any property belonging to the Institute or in which it is interested and execute and do all such deeds, instruments, acts and things as may be requisite to vest in the same in such person or persons and to remunerate any such persons.