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SEMINAR : My Hobby, Our Architecture, Your City

COeX @KilangBesi Hin Bus Depot 123, Jalan Timah, Georgetown, Pg.
Ar Mei Chee Seong

Synopsis of seminar:
My Hobby, Our Architecture, Your City
1.0 My (life changer) hobbies
Architect live have to deal with heavy responsibilities, competitive business environment, highly regulated dos & dons. All this not only constrain creativity, but also disconnect me to the real world. I was lost in the ocean of productivity & struggle to look for clue of better career as an architect. Coincidently, my accidental involvement in various hobbies such as aquascaping, marathon, ironman, urban sketching, coffee roasting & brewing, sourdough baking & wood fire oven cooking connected me back to my long lost human touch, opportunities of self conversation, & courage to get out from comfort zone.
2.0 (Migration of) Our architecture
While myself change, our architecture philosophy also migrated from designing building to curating experience. This experience base approach calling for architecture solution beyond architecture. Less emphasis on architecture expression but more thought given to curating sense of space & happening. Under the dominance of globalisation, we are embarrassingly shy with our local context. Knowledge we learned from architecture school & industrial norm are not enough to serve our purpose, we need to explore our design DNA by unlearned, be down to the earth & back to basic. By engaging ourself to local community, we extract our unique clue of architecture that we can uniquely deserved.
3.0 (Contributing to) Your city
All this lead us to pursuing our dream of set up a community connected working environment & stay connected with passionate individuals. And our moved to be part Hin Bus Depot creative ecosystem received overwhelming respond. We are blessed to be able to curate, incubate community events & start up & at the same time, turn this inspiration to fertilise our architecture journey. After a year of experimenting, we had learned some essential dos & dons. We will share the true storey behind the scene, clue to engage community, step by step detail, financial aspect & how we transform this to benefit our practice. Is our dream to share this to like minded fellow architects in this session & working together to make our city better.

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7th Dec 2023
7th Dec 2023



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