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“Soffit: A Silver Lining To Net-Zero Energy Design in Malaysia”

E & O Hotel
Ar. Michael Ching &
Mr. Phil Hammett

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Soffit: a silver lining to net zero energy building (NZEB) design in Malaysia
Through the Paris Agreement 2015, Malaysia has committed herself to reducing its greenhouse gas emission by 45% by 2030. In the following year, the Ministry of Energy, Green Technologies and Water (KeTTHA) issued the Malaysia Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which includes, among others, a plan for energy efficient buildingdesign. With 2025 marked as the end  year for the plan, how much have we achieved in the past 7 years? What can we do to ensure that most of the buildings designed and constructed now will contribute to meeting the targets by 2030?
Prevalent use of air-conditioning in Malaysia has led to not just energy-related issues, but also unaccounted building problems. Thermal difference caused by poor insulation leads to condensation-related problems such as moulding, corrosion and structural damage. The right soffit insulation contributes to a good building design, with a trifecta of advantages: condensation control, compliance with the UBBL, and contribution to energy efficiency.
This seminar aims to inspire architects to build better, through well-thought-of design practices that will not just contribute to Malaysia’s energy targets, but also ensure the well-being of the occupants of their buildings. Net Zero Energy Building Design in Malaysia by Ar. Michael Ching.

The Speakers

Ar. Michael Ching

Ar. Michael Ching is the director of CH&I Architecture Sdn Bhd and BGreen Design Sdn Bhd, both established in 2010. Besides being a practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, he is also actively involved in various organisations to contribute to the architectural fraternity. He was a past Council Member of Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), the Honorary Secretary of the Malaysia Green Building Council (mGBC), as well as a Member of the Green Building Index (GBI) Accreditation Panel. He is passionately interested in sustainable design, and is recognised in this area with several awards as well as works published both locally and internationally. Michael will start with providing some clarity on the often-commonly used but poorly understood terms associated with NZEB design – energy consumption vs operations vs carbon emission. He will then provide context for the development in Malaysia – where we are today and our plans towards NZEB. He will also share on best practice in NZEB design – factors to take into consideration in architectural designs – with examples of
such works in Malaysia.

Mr. Phil Hammett 

Mr. Phil Hammett is the Technical Sales Director of Wilhams Insulation Far East Sdn Bhd, a niche construction technical solutions provider that has been in Malaysia for almost 30 years. Phil is an expert in providing insulation solutions, having started in UK and later expanding into Asia. Besides fire, thermal and acoustics, Phil is also passionate in energy efficiency. He is one of few experts in Malaysia who have received the PassivHaus Trades Person certification, ensuring quality supervision of low-energy buildings. Phil will be focusing on two advantages of soffit insulation: thermal comfort and condensation control. He will share on how to meet the UBBL Clause 38A requirements through better insulation practice. He will also talk about moisture-related problems commonly seen in Malaysian buildings, and how soffit insulation can address these issues. He will share through case studies of projects he has handled, as well as provide guidance of installation, to avoid it being an after-thought issue.