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WEBINAR : Building Design Considerations: Hydrophobic! Mineral Wool Insulation’s Hidden Powers

Azanie Azmi

15 Apr 2022
15 Apr 2022
PAM Corporate/Graduate

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Most of the time water spreads evenly when it hits a surface; sometimes it beads into tiny droplets. While most of us have noticed these differences, a better understanding of these properties and its effects on building performance will be beneficial to architects. Issues in building structures caused by water damage are common in Malaysia but this can and should be prevented! This CPD presentation zooms into the hydrophobic features of mineral wool insulation, that naturally repel water.

Azanie Azmi is a technical engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the construction materials industry, specialising in safety and comfort. She holds a degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Science, Malaysia (USM), and uses her skillsets to provide technical solutions to both the general building as well as industrials segments. She is also a subject matter expert in testing, audit and certification, and regularly provides knowledge sharing with both industry and academia in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

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