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The Planning of An Ecotourism Project - The Making of Boulder Valley Glamping

Boulder Valley Glamping & Event Place 8, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11050, Pulau Pinang.
Ar Lee Woon Poo, Nina.

 Before 10/05/19
 After 10/05/19
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8:15am Registration at The Boulder's Valley Glamping Site Reception Lounge
Breakfast & Brunch provided
Non-Attendance Fees RM120.00

The Planning of An Ecotourism Project – ‘The Making of Boulder Valley Glamping and Event Place”

Glamping, a fusion of glamour and camping, where beautiful nature meets modern luxury. It is a whole new way to enjoy the great outdoors in style and to experience untamed and utterly exceptional parts of the world without sacrificing creature comforts. This project, Boulder Valley, is named after its physical site where boulder valley is for all the large boulders that have cascaded into the valley over the eons.
The objective of this project is to build to its minimal just sufficient to assist human being to get back to mother nature. Priority was given to the existing environment, minimal disturbance to the slopes, boulders, streams and trees, as these are the main assets of the site. Thus, the design of the project is to celebrate the natural features of the site and strive to maintain the biological character of the place.
Building footprint is less than 5 per cent of the entire site which is approximately 10 hectares. The rest of the land is kept untouched. It consists of basic lodging place and facilities just to facilitate the visitors to get back to the nature. The architect and the project team strived to develop an idea into a bespoke operational glamorous camping site.
The site is situated at a highly environmental sensitive area, an area which is remote from civilisation and with complex planning regulations. It is subject to stringent environmental requirements and hill land development regulations. The land was a hilly land, without any existence of any access, infrastructure, driveway, water, electricity supply or any sewerage system.
There are many technical difficulties in developing a project in remote location and the bioclimatic requirements of building in the tropics. Respecting the natural bioclimatic ecosystem, pragmatic approach has to be applied during the implementation with high ethics and moral.
The site was originally an abandon rubber estate. It was not easy to do planning works on drawing board due to its large land size and limited information that can be retrieved from the surveyor plan. Planning on drawing is only as indication, actual setting out of platform and most of the construction works has to be determined on site.
After the site is ready, many programmes brought in by different groups in realtion to nature had made the soul for the glamping site.
In this seminar, Ar. Nina will share with you her experience on the planning and the making of Boulder Valley Glamping.

Ar Lee Woon Poo
Ar Lee Woon Poo, or better known as Ar. Nina, started her architecture journey since 2000 after graduating from University Science Malaysia pursuing a degree Bachelor of Science (Hons) Housing, Building and Planning and The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture.
She worked in a few architecture firms and organisation as young apprentice, of which she has been working in the Penang Island City Council (It was formally called MPPP) for 4 years. In MPPP, it was good training ground for her in acquiring some basic legal knowledge about building laws and government practices in formulating of policies and implementation of enforcement.
Every experience during her apprenticeship was a substance in her architectural career. With the multidisciplinary training background and her inclination towards arts and nature, Ar. Nina is now working on most of the projects in relation to nature, of which they are ecotourism projects like the acre-plot orchard house, ‘Balik Pulau Tree house Resort’, ‘Eco-hotel & Villas’, ‘Boulder Valley Glamping & Event Place’ at Teluk Bahang and also incorporates natural elements into urban living designs ‘Where The Forest Meets The Sea Service Suites’, ‘Dual-key Luxury Retirement Resort’ that promotes multigenerational home with luxurious open space incorporating eco-farming plots and orchards around.