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Architects' Beware - Errors, Oversights, Mistakes Can Costs You Dearly LA, OSC, SP&A, EOT, AI, Staged Certification, LAD, LOE, CPC, VP, CCC, CMGD...GST... (familiar terms? If so, please sign up)

Ar. Anthony Lee Tee

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25 Oct
25 Oct 

CLOSING DATE : 25 October 2018 or once seats are fully subscribed

Breakfast and registration starts at 8:30am

TWO (2) LAM CPD Points

Non-Attendance Fee RM120.00

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Architectural professionals today, are practicing under increasingly challenging times with limited resources, manpower and compliances. It is an open secret Architects’ are coerced into competitive fees notwithstanding strict laws against it. Smaller practices and sole proprietors are most vulnerable to these changing times where ‘branded’ overseas architects are being paid millions for their concept designs while local architects are tasked with the documentation, submissions and certifications.
The full scope of Architectural Services has become an increasingly long drawn affair extending over several years. Not much needs to be said further over the rising cost and challenges of running a business, attracting and retaining talent. As a result, we take ‘short-cuts’ with our attention to details and compliances.
It is also an open secret, a few bad apples may sell their rubber stamp / signature while the actual design, documentation and to a certain extent, inspections may be carried out by others. 
Housing projects required additional certification for staged payments under scrutiny of eagle eyed house purchasers. One typo mistake in your housing certification, wham! And you get hauled up. One oversight with your SPA specifications vs. construction drawings, WHAM! You get into trouble. Purchasers are increasingly well informed and litigious when it comes to quality, workmanship and compliances. Unresolved building defects attributable to design or breach of UBBL carry far reaching consequences to the PSP. There are several landmark cases, (and numerous other out of court settlements) related to design deficiencies, mistakes, oversights, errors and non-compliances heard in the Malaysian courts. The housing tribunal receives hundreds of cases over building defects and workmanship deficiencies every year.
Recently, the issues with building and fire safety have reached a burning point; and the social media will find a life of its own where professional may be under public scrutiny. It is not uncommon to hear complaints made by the public against our profession. Sadly, the public perception of Architects today has eroded.This talk aims to start this conversation.
A conversation that may be uncomfortable, but necessary and timely..
a. Treading the professional minefield;
b. Common errors, oversights and mistakes we make;
c. Open Forum discussion..
Please come with an open mind and disposition

Ar Anthony Lee Tee

Accredited building inspector and trainer,
Architect Centre 
With over 3 decades of experience spanning across multi-disciplinary areas in architecture, project management and construction in the region, he believes every property owner should be entitled to the best quality and workmanship our industry can provide. Having inspected hundreds of properties, he is engaged for independent inspections and advisory into building condition, unsafe construction, forensic investigations and shares his Kisah Benar findings in trainings throughout Malaysia. His vision is simple "Do it right 1st time every time".